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Blog seizure warrant number ZB107684F
June 25, 2005, 4:32 pm
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This is Google Blog Management here. We have frozen this blog on a temporary basis under Article 5a of Subsection 17c (‘Google Reputation Maintenance: Blog Output Quality Control’) of the Google Blog Terms and Conditions.

Following an anonymous tip-off, it has come to our attention that blogger ‘Urban Chick’ has fallen foul of our blogger quality control systems. It would appear that recent posts have been somewhat cobbled together on a last minute basis, with minimal thought and creative input. In particular, we have noted a few posts in the past week which have been little more than a picture pulled down from Google Images accompanied by an inane comment or two.

We have approached ‘Urban Chick’ with these allegations and she has refuted them outright, claiming in her defence the mitigating circumstances of “hot weather, parenting pressures and the allure of mango sorbet”.

Until such time as she instructs counsel, we have been forced to withdraw her blogging rights.

In short: she has been a Very Naughty Girl.

We are seeking witnesses for the prosecution, and any willing candidates should email their details to:

Blog Output Quality Control Department
Google Blog Management


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“a picture pulled down from Google Images accompanied by an inane comment or two.” Aaaaaand … their point being?

Comment by mireille

I would like to offer in UC’s defense that she has a link to my blog, which generally also consists of silly random pictures. And it certainly is inane. I would also like to offer up to the authorites that mango sorbet qualifies as a spiritual experience, and regular consumption of it constitutes a hot weather sacrament. Therefore, this issue is in fact one of religious practices, and falls outside Management Control’s jurisdiction, as no reasonable person can be expected to refrain from sorbet, even if blogging duty calls.

Comment by katiedid

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