My salad dressing days

I wish I was more like Margaret Thatcher…
June 20, 2005, 9:33 am
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and could get by on five hours’ sleep each night.

But I can’t – need ten hours AT LEAST.

[Ha! Bet that had you worried! Thing is, I have more in common with MT than you might imagine…]


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Yes, I’ve been thinking about how much more work I could get done if I didn’t have to sleep. I remember hearing that Bill Clinton got by on four hours/night. Maybe it’s a political thing. But I’d never give it up — I love my bed!! I’ve turned lounging into an art form.

Comment by Meegan

well, me, i’ve been fantasising about clearing out the garage…won’t happen though

lounging as an artform? you betcha!

Comment by Urban Chick

My hubby is one of those strange people who can get by on 4 or 5 hours. I must have 8.

Unfortunately there is a four year old in my house who insists that lounging is neither an art form nor a legitimate past time. Easy for her to say, she gets to go to bed at 7:00 every evening!

Comment by GodlessMom

godlessmom: i have the same problem…i fear my lounging days are over (well, at least until they start lounging themselves – but then you have teenagers to contend with)


Comment by Urban Chick

You got me for a second there with the big ol’ title over that big ol’ picture…

Let’s see, I know you’re both mothers of twins…. what else could you have in common…? AHA! The hair! You have that exact same coiffure, right?

Comment by katiedid

katiedid: you’re right on one count…any guesses for the second similarity?? prize in the post for any correct guesses (yep, even willing to pay overseas postage!)

Comment by Urban Chick

You’re sisters?

Comment by Kate

Speaking of prizes, email me teeth-expert. I wasn’t really going to give out earbags… I swear! Or warmers of any sort, really. Although if you have any hints for me sending stuff so you wouldn’t have to cover customs fees, that would be good, since I would hate to think you’d have to pay for a silly prize.

I will have to think about what else you have in common with MT…

Comment by katiedid

just checked, found that she is “both admired and despised by many in her country”. Is that what you have in common?!!!

Comment by suburban bantam

Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd) made a song about Maggie. It is very short.

“Brezhnev took Afghanistan.
Begin took Beirut.
Galtieri took the Union Jack.
And Maggie, over lunch one day,
Took a cruiser with all hands.
Apparently, to make him give it back.”

What does it mean? Beats me. But somehow, I do not think it is very supportive.

Comment by The Lazy Iguana

Shame on you for using such a devious ploy in order to pull in the readers. Why can’t you use nudity and sex like everyone else?

Comment by Swifty

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