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Consider a life without marketing gurus…
June 16, 2005, 5:13 pm
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Rummaging around to find a book for a friend, I unearthed a booklet I picked up whilst in a previous job which involved a lot of hanging out with people in advertising (much pretentious twaddle was talked, but great food and groovy locations were enjoyed).

The publication is (ironically/unironically? I’m not wholly sure but I am hoping it is the former) entitled: ‘How to become an icon‘.

In the section labelled ‘The vision thing’ and in answer to the question ‘What do we mean by vision?’, we are treated to the wise words of marketing guru Sergio Zyman:

Vision is the difference between:

“We want to sell more than Pepsi.”


“We wish to replace water as beverage of choice for the people of the world.”

Does reading this stuff make anyone else want to throw up on the spot?


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Oh yes. Currently vomiting. Because I, too, worked in advertising. Loathsome vocation. Favorite similar book: Guerrilla Marketing. Yeah, right.

Comment by mireille

thing is, i often really liked the people, so ’twas somewhat mystifying to see them come up with stuff like this

hey ho

Comment by Urban Chick

“Much pretentious twaddle was talked, but great food and groovy locations were enjoyed.”

You crack me up! And yes. I’m currently mid-hurl.

Comment by GodlessMom

Just lost my breakfast, thanks.

I am kind of fascinated by what goes on in this kind of business, though — you know, how our minds are being manipulated. But I don’t think I could ever work in this field!

Comment by Meegan

It helps if you’re immoral. Or at least amoral.

Comment by mireille

Yes, marketing is 100% swill and vomit.

But, it works. Make a cool commercial and you can market ice to eskimos.

Sad but true. Now if you will excuse me, I just HAVE TO go out and buy the newest Sony PDA. Writing things down in a paper appointment book is too quick, I need an electronic device that does the same thing but takes 10 times longer.

Comment by The Lazy Iguana

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