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Let’s hear it for…rhubarb!!
June 14, 2005, 4:59 pm
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Every year, come the end of winter, I have forgotten about rhubarb. Rhubarb? I’ll say. Isn’t that what actors mumble in crowd scenes to make it look as if they are having a conversation (although why they can’t just have a pretend conversation or even a proper conversation, I don’t know)?

But then springtime comes around and hey! Rhubarb! Tart, stringy (in a nice way), slithery rhubarb. How did I forget you, you marvellous fruit, you?

I have some stewed rhubarb in the fridge right now. Too lazy to make a pie or a crumble, I am recommending as an appropriate accompaniment to this fine fruit: a dollop of creme fraiche (half fat, if you’re diet-inclined), a scoop of the best vanilla ice cream or a bowlful of Bird’s custard. Ah…

(Oh, and it’s supposed to be good for constipation. Now there’s a bonus.)


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Actually, I LOVE Rhubarb. Now you have developed a craving for the day!

Comment by BarbaraFromCalifornia

Me too! Me too! Love rhubarb! Perfect description of it, too. And did you know it’s Nigella’s favorite fruit? I know this because she said so in her book, which one I can’t remember. But it’s true. xoxoxo

Comment by mireille

Is a crumble the same thing as a crisp? Or is that crumble is flour, and crisp is oats? Because crisp is the lazy person’s dessert recipe… and to tell the truth, I actually prefer crisp to pies or anything. Pour a little milk over it and it’s delicious.

I can remember as a kid my grandma would pull some stalks out of her garden and just hand us a plate of sugar to dip it in. We’d just sit outside in the warm prarie summer sun eating sugar and rhubarb.

Comment by katiedid

We had Rhubarb in the garden when I was little. It made for a great hiding spot, the leaves were huge!

Comment by GodlessMom

Mmm rhubarb pie, now I’m craving rhubarb pie!

Comment by Atreau

ooh, katie: we did that too! my mum gave us stalks of raw rhubarb to dip into sugar although eating it in the ‘warm prairie summer sun’ sounds way more fun as a backdrop than a drizzly uk spring day!

as for the crumble/crisp thing: there is no differentiation over here, although lately i’ve been preferring what you call a ‘crisp’…

Comment by Urban Chick

Well, what a co-incidence! Last night Urbanchicks mama (motherhen) and papa were at a Japanese friend’s home for dinner and we had – guess! – rhubarb crumble! Quite delish. The other two guests were Japanese and had never either heard of or tasted rhubarb which, if my memory serves me well (maybe Urbanchick could confirm this) actually came to us from China. Enjoy! What’s a “crisp”?

Comment by motherhen

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