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The allure of a cup of tea
June 13, 2005, 1:02 pm
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I know, this is a little cheap: some revamped posts of mine from another realm of cyberspace (inspired by Mireille and her post on the fabulous Eddie Izzard and his ‘Cake or death’ sketch)…

Considered ruminations have led me to conclude that the reason we have not had a revolution in this country (sorry, but the English civil war does not count) is because someone will always say ‘let’s have a nice cup of tea instead’. Some scribbled thoughts:

Pros of a potential revolution:
We might be able to get rid of the monarchy.

Cons of a potential revolution:
It’s quite a lot of bother really.

Pros of a Nice Cup Of Tea:
Who can beat a lovely cuppa?

Cons of a Nice Cup Of Tea:
Not as much fun as chanting ‘Lizzy Lizzy Lizzy – out out out’ and hanging out in Trafalgar Square.

I elicited the views of at least a dozen other cyber-buddies (so, let’s call that a statistically significant cross-section of the population) in a pop quiz entitled: Revolution or a Nice Cup Of Tea? and the emerging consensus was: they would rather have a Nice Cup Of Tea. Nuff said.

Although someone (an American) rather radically suggested: reform and lemon squash. Gosh.


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Oh, those Americans and their energetic ideas. Damn them.

Comment by mireille

tell me ’bout it

y’all should Go West and dig fer gold and stuff…

oooops, you already did! (and this – in all likelihood – is the reason my family stayed behind: get on ship travelling to unknown land OR Have A Nice Cup Of Tea)


Comment by Urban Chick

LMAO! Maybe when Charles is King there will be a revolution?

Comment by Atreau

Well, this isn’t all of England, but London did come a little close when they ran riot and the city had to be isolated when Georgie II was in charge… but in the end they voted for a cuppa, too, so I’d have to say you’re right on there!

Comment by katiedid

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