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Wanted: extreme views
June 12, 2005, 1:56 pm
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Browsing the Sunday papers a week or so ago, I happened upon an article on blogging, in which a blogger called Simon proclaimed that “…extremism beats moderation and emotion beats logic. If you want reasoned discourse prepare to dwell in oblivion. If you want invective and ill-considered responses, watch the hits come in.”

Oblivion? Yikes. So I figure: where’s the fun in hanging around in the murky water that is the middle ground of reasonableness? (This from a woman who used to work in the Grey Area of a government building whose sections were rather endearingly coloured coded. Cute. Although can we really call ‘grey’ a colour? Hmmmm.)

It seems I need some extreme views. OK, wracking my brains, but here’s a few for starters…

1. Mao Zedong: painfully misunderstood, actually Quite A Nice Guy.
2. People who wear knee-length white socks with open-toed sandals should be publicly flogged. I mean, come on you guys, they’re called OPEN-toed sandals for a reason.
3. Julia Roberts is ugly.

Bring on that invective and those ill-considered responses…


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I had Mao over for dinner on Saturday (I have a weekly dinner party for Mao, Elvis and James Dean) and he was actually brought to tears over how his vision has been warped and misunderstood. He is a good man.

I think that knee-high socks would be okay with open toed sandles as long as the socks are worn with those little woven tassle things at the top. I have no idea what those tassles are called but I know they were a part of my Brownie Scout uniform.

Julia Roberts? I totally agree with you! She is hideous, I about vomit every time I set eyes on her. She is a fine actress though, perhaps she should wear the obligatory bag over her head.


Comment by GodlessMom

Urban Chick consider it done you are now my offically my first undiscovered gem! even if godlessmom seems to have beaten it me to it!

Comment by Jane

I’d like to add to your list of people to be publicly flogged:

-women who wear dark lipliner but no lipstick
-people who say, “Oh, you got your hair cut,” when you get a haircut
-men on the subway who take up two seats because their legs are spread WIDE open
-customer service reps who say, “How can I help you today?” Why the “today”? It’s not necessary.

Ooh, this is starting to become too fun. I could go on and on. BTW, I love your blog! I’m adding it to my daily reads and I will put you in my links. I love the bra story, especially!

Comment by Meegan

Well, as you can probably tell from my blog, reasonableness or moderation speak of boredom to me.

Why not go out on a limb! As for Mao, now that would be interesting. But then again so would so many people, including Mahler, Anais Nin, Einstein, Elvis, Richard Burton, Collette, and on and on..

Have fun with your imagination!

Comment by BarbaraFromCalifornia

You SOOOOO don’t want to get me started on the invective! OK – here goes (and this is just for starters …)
1. Scarlett Johanssen. What’s that about? I so don’t get her. Why is she trying to look like she’s 40?
2. Brad Pitt. Looks like a monkey. Jen, you’re well out of it. Think of the genes.
3. George Dubya. What came over you guys? Duh!
4. And finally (for the moment) – Mariah Carey. Get over yourself!

Comment by madamx

madamx: i am so with you on brad pitt – yeuch

Comment by Urban Chick

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