My salad dressing days

June 2, 2005, 10:18 am
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Happiness is the lucky pane of glass you carry in your head. It takes all your cunning just to hang onto it, and once it’s smashed you have to move into a different sort of life.

Carol Shields, ‘Unless’


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did she mention how sharp the shards are, once it’s broken? And how you’re likely to get cut clearing the old glass away before you seek that brand new pane?

Comment by mireille

metaphorically, in the rest of the book, i’d say she did (quote taken from the opening paragraph)

it’s a must-read if you haven’t already…(me, i’ve read everything she’s written – i envy people who have yet to discover her…)

Comment by Urban Chick

Great quote. I have not read her, nor have I even heard of her until now. I’m not a big believer in happiness, though… I am a contentment sort of person.

Comment by katiedid

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