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I’m just a gal who can say ‘no’
June 1, 2005, 1:33 pm
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The phone rang yesterday morning and a perky female asks: is Mr Chick there? Nope, I reply. Oh well, is Mrs Chick there? (She sounds distinctly disappointed.) Me: this is her speaking. She then launches into her sales pitch for some marvellous new phone service and asks me the question: do you want to save lots of money on your phone bills, lose two stone and win the lottery? Basically a question to which you are unlikely to answer ‘no’.

I played dumb: what phone? We don’t have a phone. Lose two stone? Not interested. Win the lottery? Get outta town – boring boring boring. I then moved quickly to my overly effusive ‘thank YOU so much for calling but NO thank you’ etc. line and hung up.

After I put the phone down, I got mad. Er, why was it necessary for her to ask for Mr Chick first? Am I incapable of making such a life-altering decision as changing my phone company (never mind the weight loss proposal and lottery win promise)?

I recalled a friend of mine who had to do (verbal) battle with a double glazing salesman not so very long ago. Her partner had rather weakly caved in when he was cold-called some weeks before and agreed to a visit for a free quotation. My friend called back to say she did not wish them to come and the guy almost point blank refused to cancel on account of the visit having been booked by The Household Decision Maker.

Anyway, as I type, a little print shop down the road is running off some business cards for me. On them is a simple message: Thank you for your enquiry. Whilst your product/service may be of interest to me, I don’t buy your sexist claptrap, so y’all can take a proverbial hike. Oooh, and whilst you’re at it, how about you carry out a pay audit and get a few more women in your boardroom.

You have to wonder why the Pankhursts bothered…


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I don’t know why, but I feel for this post: it’s the only one on the page without a comment, so…

Comment by Urban Chick

I can tell you why they do that! Because the only name they have on their cold-call list is his. I was living with my mister before I was his missus, and he got these calls all the time. It would ring, and I’d say, “Hello.” And they’d say, “Good afternoon. Is Mr. ______ at home?” I’d say, “Nope, sorry.” Then they’d say, with a note of hope, “Is Mrs. _____ available?” And then I’d shriek, “Oh my God, he’s MARRIED?” and hang up.

Comment by Tania

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! must try that line some time (that is when i am not handing the phone to a one year old – that sure gets them to hang up quick)

Comment by Urban Chick

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