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‘Tis our national duty
May 24, 2005, 8:02 pm
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House sales in England and Wales have fallen by over a third. Retail sales are down on this time last year. Economists are scratching their pointy chins and muttering the words ‘recession’ and ‘looming’. But what can we do? At times like these, a sense of powerlessness grips the nation. What difference can a person make?

Well, the answer is surely this: we must shop. Everyone should do their bit, however young, old, wealthy, impoverished. It could be something small, a gesture. Such as opting for a grande Americano when you might previously have ordered a tall. Or NOT resisting those sweets at the checkout when previously you might have bitten your bottom lip and dug your hands deeper into your jeans pocket.

Yes, we are only talking about a few pence, but heck, a few pennies soon make a pound and a pound…well, you get the picture.

Think of the Three Wise Men. I mean, how much are a few sticks of incense these days? 99p? And I am reminded, whilst we are on the subject of things biblical, of the hymn ‘In the bleak midwinter’ and the words ‘What can I give Him, poor as I am? If I were a shepherd, I would bring a lamb’.

Of course, if you are much more well-endowed in the smackeroonies department, think BIG: had you considered a new yacht, for instance? And word on the grapevine has it that Skegness is the new Southwold. Two up/two downs are selling for the price of a garage in Chelsea. Marvellous.

We CAN make a difference. So screw your consumer credit issues, go forth and shop. ‘Tis our national duty.

P.S. Clearly, I am of a different view. I believe you should buy your clothes in charity shops, only eat fruit that has fallen from the trees and chickens who have fallen down dead from exhaustion after having been given too much outside space to run around in. I will be staying home and finishing off my macrame pot holder, thank you very much.


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Well, when you get the macrame potholder done and are ready to do your civic duty, I suggest you take yourself to the Ormonde Jayne perfumery — in London — and buy yourself the BIGGEST bottle of whichever fragrance is your favorite. (oh heck, one of each) If you’re anything like me, and I know I am, that’s what I’d do.

Comment by mireille

I hadn’t realized that about the housing market in London. Wow… I’d suspect the same thing will start over on my side of the ocean soon enough, too.

We get the same stupid “go forth and spend what you ain’t got” line fed to us in the US, as well.

Sigh. It’s just maddening if I think about it too long.

Comment by katiedid

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