My salad dressing days

Ode to a ringroad
May 23, 2005, 1:46 pm
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Some people dote
On places remote
Others delight
In taking a flight
To a faraway land
Such as Egypt, Japan

If left up to me
Where I’d like to be
Is snuggly inside
The M25

Some feel fulfilled
Ascending a hill
In countryside green
Outside Aberdeen
Others get kicks
Being eaten by ticks

But given the choice
Where I find my voice
Is someplace inside
The M25

Some travel miles
To climb over stiles
Others will wander
Hither and yonder
To catch a quick glimpse
Of bare-bottomed chimps

But if you ask me
Where I’d rather be
It’s tucked up inside
The M25


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but one little weeny point, stiles may be stylish but remember you are your fathers daughter…

Comment by chick chick chick chick chicken

sorry, that should be “father’s daughter”

Comment by chick chick chick chick chicken

what an oversight, for which my profound apologies

[father? i have a father??]

Comment by Urban Chick

If you were reading that on a stage with a spotlight pointed at you, in a room possibly full of people in berets, possibly smoking spliffs and certainly on the sparling white, I would stand up, gesticulate, and go, “Bravo!”

Comment by Justine

justine: thanks (i think…??)

Comment by Urban Chick

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