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Bugbear #1
May 16, 2005, 8:51 pm
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Anthropomorphism in advertising. Yeuch. No can do. Especially irritating right now is that TV advert where the dog starts showering himself when the owner goes to answer the front door. Can’t even think what it is attempting to advertise. So, not only is it deeply irritating but utterly ineffective.

Personally, I blame Johnny Morris (God rest his animal-loving soul).

OK. And worse than that: when they digitally manipulate babies’ mouths so it sounds as if they are making smart-ass comments about their parents who are discussing life insurance and wotnot. Double yeuch.


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worst ad = “touch n’fresh” one where small oriental boy does a smelly poo

best = at the moment the clarks shoes ads, esp the one with the bloke dancing

just me then…

Comment by suburban bantam

i’m with you on the touch’n’fresh ad and the lip sync is also very poor (= cheap)

as for clarks shoes ads: love ’em, love ’em, love ’em (this may not surprise you)

Comment by Urban Chick

The one that grosses me out the most is the Charmin bears having a frolic in the woods with TP. I not only don’t understand why bears need toilet paper, but I also do not get why they’d shimmy with it. Blech.

Comment by katiedid


Comment by Urban Chick

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