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The UC ‘look’ is so…three years ago (says The Tribune, India)
May 13, 2005, 9:39 pm
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Writing in The Tribune (India) about the unveiling of the Fall/Winter 2002 collection at the Maurya Sheraton and Towers, Smriti Kak says:

“The ‘Urban Chick’ look is a distinctly urban and contemporary style. For men the collection offers ‘Retro Washed’ shirts and engineered city pants fashioned from horizontal cord. The ladies collection has a mix of femininity, reflected in touch of embroidery, crochet detailing and fashionable skirts.”

Erm, embroidery? Crochet detailing? Are you serious? And I am so three years ago, to boot. Great, just great…


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UC! thank you for your comment on my blog (and don’t worry about the India Tribune’s opinion) — we can go to dominatrix school together!

Comment by mireille


Just came across this comment. The reference to the UC look is not the author’s own comment, it is what the company claimed its new range is all about.

So if anyone needs to be alerted about being in a different time zone, it is them!!!

Comment by xx

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