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Brides-to-be: go have another Mars Bar
December 17, 2004, 6:30 pm
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Where is the fun in dieting in the run up to your big day just so you can get into a dress ten sizes smaller than your usual size? It’s too too dull (not to mention miserable for you). When I went to get fitted for my dress (some eons ago), I realised that I was somewhere between two sizes (yeh, like I’m gonna tell you which ones!) so I decided I should just go for the bigger size and eat more chocolate. And you know what? It worked a treat. Flesh filled fabric without any unsightly gaping bits (fabric not flesh). So go on, surprise everyone, tell your friends ‘more pudding for me please – I’M getting married!’ and go have another Mars Bar (or seven).


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True…who are you trying to impress? Your fiance is obviously already impressed with your, or else he wouldn’t be marrying you in the first place. And if you go up to the next size and he has a problem with it, it’s time to cancel the wedding.

There–you have a comment now šŸ™‚ Have fun on vacation!

Comment by Jenny G

That makes sense to me. Also, if you get a larger size, that means more fabric is used, so you will be getting more for your money. A wise financial decision.

Comment by Meegan

You are oh so smart!!!

I tried the diet thing immediately upon setting the wedding date. Then I thought hellooooo, is there not enough stress in my life right now to have to count every calorie that goes into my mouth. I quit the diet thing, ate what I wanted got married and after the honeymoon proceeded to lose 50 lbs! (I have since gained that and a few more lbs back, but my DH still loves me as I am.)

Comment by KGrams

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