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Shoes of the week
December 15, 2004, 2:50 pm
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Are these blue velour party shoes not TO DIE FOR?? Spotted first on the feet of my mother’s friend, I zipped straight to Schuh many Christmases ago to secure myself a pair for a cool £25. In them I have attended an exclusive engagement party in Chelsea, rocked my socks (OK, pop socks) off at a Millennium party and danced oftentimes in my kitchen when no-one was in. But, most regrettably, one of the elastic laces went PING not so very long ago and so these pieces of high art have been sitting in my wardrobe for months. Still, I am sharing them WITH YOU, so are we not all benefitting from their beauty??


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I feel the better person, thank you.

Comment by Blog ho

I love the color — surely you can fix the strap somehow? But maybe that would cut into your blogging time.
: )

Comment by Meegan

Ohhh, you must try to have them fixed. If they can’t be, have you thought of having them put into a display case to show their true beauty?

Comment by KGrams

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